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How we b​egan:

Based on a need of my own when selling our home, Home Enhancement Pros was born.  We were tired of companies telling us to do full scale renovations that would never recover 100% off their cost when we sold our home.  We wanted to invest a much smaller amount and on things that would help us sell our home faster and for more money.  

Our customers typically focus on slight visual enhancements that eliminate detractors when a potential buyer walks in.  This allows them to focus on only the positives in your home.

Agents have told us that our services help them to not only sell homes faster, but for a higher percentage of list price.  That's exactly what I wanted as a home seller!

With over 20 years of combined experience, we will take care of your home like it's our own and be in and out usually within 1 day.  And the best part is that our services are surprisingly affordable. 

Here’s what we’ve been working on:


Giving back to the community:

October 2018, collaborative effort to renovate the local VFW.  Thank you all for your service!

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